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Excellent service keep up the great work Dr Aziz! She is without a doubting of the best Naturopathic doctors I have ever had.
Dr. Aziz is very knowledgeable and reviews your health holistically. She recommended reports that helped get to the bottom of my low energy including hormonal fluctuations. She goes above and beyond and truly cares about my well being.
Dr. Aziz is Fantastic! I have been seeing her for digestive issues as well as hormonal treatments and acupuncture. The difference in the quality of my life from eliminating many of the symptoms I was experiencing is amazing (and in such a short period of time) I'm so happy she came into my life. She is easy to talk to and ultimately just wants to help and her methods are very supportive and comprehensive without pushing a ton of potions and supplements. I cannot recommend her enough!
Within less than a month Jordana has had my chronic stomach issues (suffered for most my life) feeling better than ever. She is knowledgeable and extremely welcoming and comforting. Highly recommend.
I have been seeing Dr. Jordana Aziz for a couple months now. I am so glad she is taking care of me. She is extremely caring and helpful. I now understand why I had so many issues. I am being constantly reminded what to eat more of and what to remove from my diet. Dr. Aziz is checking on me regularly. It is absolutely amazing to have such a dedicated and caring professional in my health life. It is so much easier to continue taking care of myself when she is constantly reminding me not to forget about my health. I now have so much energy and beautiful glowing skin, and it is only because of a few small changes in my diet that were recommended by Dr.Aziz. I highly recommend Dr.Jordana Aziz
I have been seeing Jordana for the past two years and the healing she has provided me with has changed my life. Through counseling, acupuncture, dietary advice and supplements she has helped me manage my adrenal fatigue and depression. Her attention to detail and hands on approach is the best I have ever had. As a result of Jordana's guidance and support I have decided to begin my own journey in natural medicine. Thank you for everything.
I went to see Dr. Aziz after going to multiple specialists and going in and out of the hospital without anyone knowing what is wrong with me. The western doctors kept giving me different medications to try and mask the problem instead of trying to find the root of the cause. I am very happy I was referred to Dr. Aziz as she was able to help me get to the root of the problem by looking at everything I was dealing with instead of a case by case as the western doctors​ did. She is kind, caring and very knowledgeable!! If it wasn't for Dr. Aziz I would have left the country to see specialist else where as doctors here were not able to help me.
I came to see Dr. Aziz with issues regarding my fertility. I’ve been through multiple rounds of IVF, hormone replacement, thousands of dollars, more time than I’d care to measure with some of the best conventional fertility doctors that Vancouver has to offer. With Dr. Aziz, it was a refreshing journey back to what she calls, “the foundation of health”. We discussed nourishing my body, providing the basic building blocks for my body to create its own hormones, providing me the right amount of energy to get up in the morning and no longer be overwhelmed by stress, loss, and unmet expectations. I am feeling hopeful, energetic and repleted. That is worth all the money I have spent at the IVF clinics so far. Hopeful on becoming pregnant, and for the first time in 2 years- actually believe it is in my future. Not only is Dr. Aziz an incredibly knowledgeable Doctor, she has had such a positive impact on me emotionally that my belief system is changing.
After years of suffering from stomach acid causing me great pain in my chest and having my MD treat me with antacids that were only helping for a couple weeks or months before I needed a stronger dosage, I sought out the assistance of naturopathic medicine. I met Dr. Aziz, at the first discussion of my ailment and a thorough examination, Dr.Aziz assured me quite confidently that we could treat this and within a couple weeks if I did what she suggested I’d be pain free without curbing my bodies production of stomach acids. I did as she suggested, a daily amino for my digestive tract, daily probiotic and a daily treatment causing the valve above my stomach to contract thus strengthening it, I was antacid free in two weeks. Having come away relieved of my ailment and fully armed with the knowledge and understanding of my symptoms thanks to Dr Aziz I’ve become a regular client of the good Dr. and will continue to see her for any ailment affecting my body before I seek any other treatment by any Dr., MD or otherwise.
Dr. Aziz has been an amazing educator for me in my visits with her. When I first met with her I had been having a hard time shedding the weight around my middle that I thought had happened as a result of simply getting older. I had been training regularly and after a few months and no real results around my middle. I asked Dr. Aziz if she could offer any help, her answer caught me off guard, she suggested it may be diet. Having no real recollection of any changes to my diet, I couldn’t imagine why. Dr Aziz asked, “if I drank much dairy?” I said I didn’t even like milk, never have. Then I recalled, two years prior I’d changed my coffee to a smaller size in a larger cup to allow more room for higher fat cream! I was drinking three of these coffees a day. I told Dr. Aziz about this and she told me I might try to cut back or stop altogether, that I could even try a replacement like a milk made from nuts I may like. After a few weeks I noticed my belt getting loose and my shirts getting baggy around the middle. After a month or so, people started to ask me how I’d lost the weight! I’m so grateful to Dr. Aziz for her generosity in giving information and freely educating me on all I can do to benefit my health using nutrition and understanding how my body uses it.