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Weight Loss And Nutrition

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Nutritional Therapy

Nutritional therapy includes dietary counseling and the use of functional foods and nutritional supplements as therapeutic tools.  Dietary counseling analyzes the patient’s current diet for foods that might be aggravating his or her condition, nutritional deficiencies, and for eating patterns that might lead to additional health concerns.  Nutritional supplementation can take many forms, from correcting nutrient deficiencies to optimizing the levels of beneficial substances in the body that can treat and ward off future disease.

Weight gain and weight loss, are often due to the inability to digest, absorb and utilize food properly, as well as potential food sensitivities or allergies. Together Dr. Aziz will work through all of these common reasons for weight gain, as well as addressing the underlying concerns and issues with hormone imbalance. As these issues are being addressed, you will notice that you feel lighter, more energetic, and of course, the numbers on the scale will change. True health though, is not determined by the numbers on the scale, but the ability to experience life to the fullest. Come in today for your energy, nutrition and weight loss overhaul, to change your lifestyle for a more lasting and joyous life, and not just to change the numbers on your scale.

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