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Naturopathic Services

Achieve Optimal Health

Naturopathic Services


Also commonly referred to as Traditional Asian Medicine, this area of medicine uses Asian herbs, acupuncture, and a range of other techniques to treat illness.

Aesthetic Medicine

Dr. Jordana Aziz is CNPBC licensed and certified in all injectable fillers, and botox, dysport. 

Executive Services

Let Wellness come to you by booking our executive services.

General Wellness

Working with patients to help them live healthier lives along with dietary counselling.  Patients are educated on proper ways to exercise, relax, and set goals.

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Hormone Balancing

I am always looking for the underlying causes of malaise rather than just the symptoms. Many times the symptoms are because of an issue with hormonal balance.

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Lunch & Learn

Offering the opportunity for individual on-worksite naturopathic consultations as a way for employers to provide care to their employees and through their use of Company-sponsored benefit plans.

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Weight Loss & Nutrition

Nutritional therapy includes dietary counselling and the use of functional foods and  nutritional supplements as therapeutic tools.

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Do You Have Questions About:

Allergies + Food Senstivities

If you have been feeling any digestive issues at all, from bloating , gas, to discomfort and difficulty with bowel movements, perhaps it is time for you to test against 200 different foods, spices and additives to see what you may be sensitive to.

Anti-Aging Medicine

Dr Aziz is a certified aesthetic injector of the neuromodulator Botulinum Toxin (also known as Botox or Xeomin) as well as Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture which will offer longevity to your skin treatments. Coupled with IV therapy for nutrient injections, to help make yourself look and feel beautiful from the inside out.

Digestive Concerns

Many of my patients experience anxiety and stress through their digestive systems,therefore putting a larger burden of the digestion and absorption of nutrients from the diet. If you have any nutrient deficiencies, lack of energy, gas, bloating, or IBS like symptoms, its time to understand and correct these symptoms.

Weight Loss

Whether you are a size 2, or a size 22, we are often not happy with our weight, especially as we get older and our metabolism slows down. Clinical Nutritional Counselling, understanding hormones roles in weight gain, and increasing energy are all vital parts of releasing fat and toxins from our body that are an area of focus for Dr. Aziz.

Fertility Treatments

Many patients come in looking for help with getting pregnant, and this is a longer process than most adult couples realize. From detoxing the body, to regulating hormones, to assuring that nutrition is on point, with the guidance of Dr. Aziz is becomes second nature. Acupuncture enhances chances of getting pregnant (when using IVF) by 66%.


During the time of growing a tiny human, you and your partner may have questions that require a medical professional to answer. The benefit of working with Dr. Aziz is that she takes an hour each time she meets with you to do the prenatal check ups, answer all of your questions and check in with your nausea, depression, anxiety and all of the range of emotions that you may be feeling.

Hormone Balancing

One of Dr. Aziz’s primary areas of focus is Women’s health. Women’s health encompasses all of the other modalities, as the complexity of women’s monthly hormonal patterns often need blood and salivary testing to decipher. Often times women are misdiagnosed with anxiety or depression, when really after reading a hormone panel the answers are clear. Hormones control our weight gain, weight loss, energy, fatigue, memory and ability to perform as well as libido and ambition.

Men’s Health

Men have different presentations of anxiety and depression than women do, and often times are also in need of a hormone panel and blood test in order to differentiate where in fact the root of the problem is coming from. As men age their testosterone decreases resulting in many surprising changes that men are not aware of. Prostate health and cardiovascular health are a primary part of the men’s health program.

Travel Preparation

In order to best prepare yourself for your travels, it is best to know the terrain. Dr. Aziz can help you prepare with the right supplements, homeopathics, and educate regarding the vaccinations recommended for that area, as well as help you prepare your own personalized first aid kit.

IV Wellness Therapy

Intravenous therapy, is a way to get nutrients such as much-needed minerals, vitamins and amino acids into your bloodstream directly, while bypassing the mechanisms of digestion. The nutrients in the bag begin with the basic Vitamin C, Vitamin b1 through b12, as well as calcium and magnesium. Based on your specific needs, we will tailor the nutrients in the IV just for you.

Immune System Health

Keeping our immune systems strong is an important tool in overall health and prevention. There are many treatments that Dr. Aziz can share in order to strengthen the immune system and prevent future illnesses.

Pain and Injury Management

Often times we are just in a state of managing pain, where we need the nutrient support, healing touch, and exercise suggestions to help us get through. Acupuncture and IMS are great ways of releasing pain, and muscle tension, and Dr. Aziz will build an individualized plan for you to recover as speedily as possible.


Often times when we are feeling fatigued, low energy, our thinking is foggy and we notice that our metabolism has slowed down. Our body becomes overloaded with toxins. Toxins are in our environment in many forms ( plastics, pcb’s), as well as in our foods and medications. Detoxification is an important way to cleanse the system and support the liver so that it can do its job correctly.


Dr. Aziz has additional training in pharmaceuticals, and is a prescribing authority. This means that although Dr. Aziz uses the least invasive methods and in fact uses the most supportive botanicals and therapies to encourage the bodies own mechanisms to heal, she can also recognize when a more immediate route of pharmaceuticals may be necessary , and prescribe the most regularly used antibiotics, antivirals, BHRT, hormones and many others.

Cardiovascular Health

Often as we mature, our cardiovascular health begins to decline. This comes in the form of increased cholesterols ( LDL, HDL, TG) as well as other biomarkers for health and healthy heart. Getting important information through blood tests, and getting those tests interpreted are vital to a healthy cardiovascular system.