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Well Vancouver, we have had a fantastic season on the slopes, both GROUSE and CYPRESS with record fall snow. However, with lots of snow comes lots of rain. Which means there are going to be PLENTY of plants, trees, and bees blossoming and pollenating this year I recommend building antihistaminic compounds (in our blood) beginning in February, however, it is not too late to use natural therapies to help combat this potentially BRUTAL allergy season.

First, if you need a “quick fill” of nutrients and vitamins, why not consider IV therapy? It is the quickest way to deliver Vitamins, Minerals and Antioxidants (like Vitamin C and Glutathione) that powerfully bathe the cells in anti-inflammatory mediators to increase immune system functionality and reduce symptoms of allergies. Other than a quick dose of Nutrients, why not try a few of these few suggestions:

1. Avoid Dairy – which can cause mucous and phlegm, aggravate asthma and worsen congestion.

2. Invest in a great Humidifier or HEPA air purifier to keep air moist. We often suffer from bleeding noses as a result of congestion and over the counter medications – which can dry out nasal passages. Keep air moist, and nasal passages free of build up.

3. Clean regularly and keep the windows closed if possible – dust, vacuum, mop, Spring Clean and eliminate clothes and toys that no longer serve you – donate them to someone they will serve. Keeping pollen and dust out, and maintaining the balance inside the home will make it easier to come home!

4. 1 tablespoon of sugar decreases immune system functionality by ½ for a 24-hour period. So AVOID SUGAR! We need all the immune system that we have.

5. Quercetin, the plant extract which all pharmaceutical companies a chemically synthesized because of its ability to be an antihistamine, or, coat mast cells (who are filled with HISTAMINE), therefore preventing them from “degranulation:” or busting open and releasing histamine throughout the body.

Get yourself some quercetin and other bioflavonoids to prevent histamine release Make an appointment to see a Naturopathic Doc, who can help you navigate the world of nutrition, IV therapy, and targeted physiological supplemental therapy.