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Now that we have our nutrition, and nutrient intake down, its time to turn our focus on exercise… Exercise not only activates our dopamine AND serotonin in our brain, it causes us to speed up metabolism, heat our body, get rid of toxins and SWEAT! The Ultimate final feedback is that once you burn a few hundred calories, you wont so easily reach for that salty bag of chips that is quickly going to put it back on. Working out is hard. Waking up to exercise takes determination in our busy lives, but the PAYOFF is EXPONENTIAL… I used the month of January which has been a much slower month for me than December, and decided to capitalize on that … by going to every gym class and every form of exercise that I could.

I’ve tried Innovative Fitness personal training, Skiing, Hiking, Orange Theory Fitness, Barre Fitness, and Ride Society spin classes…. As well as the Terminal City Club , The Delbrook and West Van community centres, and the good old YMCA on Burrard (which has an amazing corporate membership with NO children, god love em but time away is a blessing, a sauna and a hot tub, plus every amenity you need from towels to hair ties to a room to plug in computers). Ive been amazed at the variety of exercises at each different location….. Here are my picks for my top ten Workouts, and why:

1. Skiing Whistler – BEST ABSOLUTE QUAD AND GLUTE WORKOUT EVER!!!! Its never ending runs put our local mountains to shame, its snow so varied throughout the entire property, the beauty of nature, the rush of being in the great outdoors, and did I mention the pain for days? Hence why we need to train in the interim.

2. Innovative Fitness, personal training. (West Van, North Van and Kits clubs). Here you receive the magic of a personal trainer who is generally a kinesiologist, or professional athlete of some kind, who is just as keen on nutrition, who will get to know your body, your attitudes and behaviours, and work you just as hard as you need. Personal Fave Coaches…..Cole McCara and Hannah Leber (west van) Ben Carr ( north Van) , and Patrick Zuk and Quinn Hobbs (Kits).

3.THE ROBERT LEE YMCA – when I am down for just a run on a machine with the view ranging from Thailand to the Grand Canyon ( they have AMAZING running machines), some weights and some of my own time., this is the place to go. Not only for its large and spacious set up, but with the corporate membership you get some serious adult down time. Its basically a silent retreat with a sauna and a Jacuzzi to relax in after your workout. Self Motivated? This is the gym for you . Plus, kids get swimming lessons included in your membership.

4. Next is TO MY ULTIMATE SURPRISE – BARRE FITNESS. Norrie over at North Van Barre Fitness runs a tight ship, and you walk in thinking those 3 pound weights are nothing, and you walk out after being blasted with pilates, isolated muscle movements, stretching and SERIOUS FUN! The music is great, the women are wonderful, BARRE FITNESS is a great add on to any workout regimen.

5. A hike! The Grouse Grind is the best 55 minutes ( my *ahem* slow time… ) to get your CARDIO up and your GLUTES activated….. put on some tunes and put your head on the trail and power your way up…. Surprisingly detoxing, massively rewarding, and OH that VIEW when you get to the top.

6. ORANGE THEORY FITNESS. All I can say is WHOA. You can burn 500 calories in 50 minutes and the amazingly tight knit routine ASSURES that you do. So If you like pounding music, and flashing lights, as well as watching your body fat BURN through calories, this is your ultimate new routine. 7. Delbrook Community Centre – favourite rec center so far. HUGE new gym, tons of weights, machines and space to move around as you wish. A huge “crossfit” section and honestly for 7$/pop, an amazing investment.

8. West Van Rec Centre. The same set up as most gyms, long wait times to get on the weight equipment as there is not as many weights as there are people. The pool on the other hand is ozonated, one of the only ozonated pools in the city.

9. Terminal City Club Gym – a beautiful gym, spacious, view of the north shore mountains ( and the patio in the summer) although not easily accessible since you need a membership. All of the necessary amenities, a beautiful pool and squash courts for those avid and enjoy that intense workout.

10. Last, but definitely not least is YYOGA. A getaway of relaxation, stretching, fast past spin, or low paced hatha – an overall BEST monthly membership option as it has a bit of everything. BONUS ** Infrared Sauna to help in your detox regimen***