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About Naturopathic Doctor Jordana Aziz

Based on the Principles of Naturopathic Medicine, Dr. Jordana Aziz believes in re-balancing the whole person to create health; emotionally, physically, and spiritually, as well as educating and empowering her patients to be in control of their lives. Dr. Jordana Aziz welcomes Men, Women, and children of all ages to her practice, where she will create a protocol that is specifically tailored for your individual needs and lifestyle, all of which will stimulate the body’s natural processes to return to optimum health.

There are many conditions that can be treated using Naturopathic Medicine

Allergies + Food Sensitivities
Weight Loss
Digestive Concerns
Immune System Health

Fertility Treatments
Travel Preparation

Anti-aging Medicine
Pain and Injury Management
Cardiovascular Health
Men’s Health
Hormone Balancing

Naturopathic Services


Also commonly referred to as Traditional Asian Medicine, this area of medicine uses Asian herbs, acupuncture, and a range of other techniques to treat illness.

Aesthetic Medicine

Dr. Jordana Aziz is CNPBC licensed and certified in all injectable fillers, and botox, dysport.

Executive Services

Let Wellness come to you by booking our executive services.

General Wellness

Working with patients to help them live healthier lives along with dietary counselling.  Patients are educated on proper ways to exercise, relax, and set goals.

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Hormone Balancing

I am always looking for the underlying causes of malaise rather than just the symptoms. Many times the symptoms are because of an issue with hormonal balance.

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Lunch & Learn

Offering the opportunity for individual on-worksite naturopathic consultations as a way for employers to provide care to their employees and through their use of Company-sponsored benefit plans.

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Weight Loss & Nutrition

Nutritional therapy includes dietary counselling and the use of functional foods and  nutritional supplements as therapeutic tools.

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